Sara Thornett


This article was written on 06 Jan 2022, and is filled under Workshops.

Workshop: Professional Finishing Techniques

How a garment is put together can make a huge difference to the overall finished look of it. Just because your garment is hand-made, it doesn’t mean that is how it has to look!

This workshop will look at the techniques needed to help give your garment that professional finish. For example, sewing pieces together, buttonholes and picking up stitches are just a few of the techniques worked during the course. As you will also see throughout the day, it is not just what is done to the pieces of knitting after they are knitted, there are lots of things that can be done along the way that will also help to achieve a more professional look.

Date:  Saturday 12th February 2022

Duration:  5 hours

Time:  10h00 15h00

Location:  Worcester / Find us

What I need to bring: A pair of 4 mm knitting needles, plus an additional 4 mm knitting needle.  A sewing up needle and a pair of scissors.  Also, 3 small knitted squares of about 10 cm square, knitted in Stocking Stitch using Dk yarn and 4 mm needles.

Level:  ** Should have good understanding of knitting

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