Sara Thornett

Knitwear Consultant and Designer



Workshop: Tunisian Crochet: Decorative Stitches

After learning the basics of Tunisian Crochet, this workshop looks at further stitches that create a variety of decoration. Stitch patterns include lighter lacy patterns, as well as textured patterns. The aims of this workshop […]

Feb, 10 · in Workshops

Workshop: Professional Finishing Techniques

How a garment is put together can make a huge difference to the overall finished look of it. Just because your garment is hand-made, it doesn’t mean that is how it has to look! This […]

Jan, 06 · in Workshops

Toddler Mittens

Toddler Mittens I’ve made mittens before for my children but I wanted ones that had more chance of staying on! And so this pattern was developed – I’ve made the cuff extra long so that […]

Jan, 06

Workshop: Steeking in Knitting

In knitting, steeking is a shortcut used to knit garments such as sweaters in the round without interruption for openings or sleeves until the end. After completing a tube, a straight line is cut along […]

Mar, 10

Workshop: Brioche Knitting

Brioche knitting is a very versatile technique that in it’s simplest form, may be worked quite easily without the knitter really being aware that they are using such a fantastic method. It creates a fabric […]

Jan, 11

Workshop: Learn to Crochet

This workshop is aimed at those who wish to learn to crochet, or even to refresh skills that may have been forgotten. It will teach how to hold the hook and yarn, as well as […]

Jan, 11

Mixed Brioche Hand warmers

Mixed Brioche Hand warmers Working in the round, this pair of hand warmers takes the knitter on a little Brioche journey from the plain, one colour stitch, through the reversible two colour to the mixed […]

Oct, 08
  • Mixed Brioche Handwarmer 5 October 2018

    This hand warmer is great for those that want to explore a few brioche stitches. They are worked in the round so that there is no sewing up or bulky seam. The fabric gives a warm, cosy feel - perfect for those colder days. This is a good pattern for those that are just beginning their brioche exploration.

  • Snuggly Cabled Scarf 10 October 2017

    A Snuggly Cabled Scarf to keep the cold away during the winter - long enough to wrap around twice. Interesting cable pattern keeps the scarf enjoyable and quick to make.

  • Easy Chunky Eyelet Snood 5 January 2016

    This easy eyelet snood is chunky and cosy, perfect for the cold days of Winter. It is easy and enjoyable to work with it’s simple rhythm that results in an attractive fabric. The stitch is great for those beginning to experiment with lace stitches, as it’s easy to get to grips with and grows quickly too. Yet, it’s not too simple that it would prove boring for those that have knitted for a long time. I am an experienced knitter and this is one of my favourite stitch patters. It is worked in the round so that there is no sewing up at the end, just the ends of the yarn to sew in, and it can be made bigger or smaller in height by working more or less repeats of the pattern, depending on the knitter’s preference.